Working for CCS

CCS growth and success is delivered by CCS DriverNice Profile professionals.  They are the basis for our proven customer service reputation and the foundation of our plans for future growth.

CCS Driver Professionals are key in achieving two major strategic objectives.  The first is Customer Satisfaction and the second is Recruiting/Retention of the most competent, professional and dedicated Driver team in the transportation industry. 

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:  CCS Drivers meet this strategic objective with a focus on customer requirements, scheduling, dispatch, equipment preparation and on-schedule delivery.

RECRUITING/RETENTION:  CCS shares this objective with its Driver Professionals.  A Team Approach is applied to identifying the most qualified candidates to join the CCS team.  Drivers play a key role in recommending candidates and CCS encourages their support.  Retention is an every day, shared objective of CCS and CCS Drivers.  Stability and Driver experience is the foundation for personal achievement and total customer satisfaction.

Please review compensation and benefit information at each of the key links for Owner Operators and Company Operators below.

Please Click on Driver Recruiting Guidelines to review information concerning qualification and experience requirements.  

Please download and complete a copy of the CCS Driver Application for Employment,  Mail to the address provided.